About Us

Established in 2012, Critics Clothing is a luxury British streetwear brand and private company owned by Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur Samanah Duran best known for spearheading the mission of self-actualisation whilst channeling the power to evoke self-expression.

Critics Clothing accurately conveys a powerful message to take pride in our unique identity, demonstrated through the use of combining unapologetic branding and bold statement messaging. With a variety of iconic designed details on a predominately monochrome palette garment base, each collection features staple wardrobe “Classics” and limited edition “Exclusives.”

After Launching in 2012, Critics Clothing popularised globally from 2014, starting off with an intimate customer base in the UK, to now fulfilling orders across USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, China and Europe. A HQ in Norwich UK, alongside a fully operational LA base sees Critics Clothing sell menswear, womenswear and headwear in limited collections to preserve their brands sustainability factor and offer a well streamlined elusive brand with less availability to the mass market. A great deal of emphasis has always been on developing a brand that the audience can connect and resonate with through brand DNA, ethos and storytelling, combined with an elaborate focus on providing quality rather than quantity.